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Performance Appraisal Skills Inventory

Help managers turn performance appraisals into productive and even enjoyable experiences. The Performance Appraisal Skills Inventory (PASI) first identifies strengths and weaknesses in six skill areas via an 18-item assessment. Participants then learn a simple 6-step process for conducting effective performance appraisal meetings.

Learning Outcomes
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in specific skills needed to conduct effective performance appraisal meetings
  • Compare strengths and weaknesses in these skills with a norm group of managers and supervisors who previously completed the PASI
  • Learn a model for conducting effective performance appraisal meetings
The premise of the PASI is that managers and supervisors could gain the ability to be effective at conducting performance appraisal meetings if they had a good model. The steps and skills of the 6-Step Performance Appraisal Meeting Model show below are all grounded in behavioral science research.

An effective performance appraisal meeting can be viewed as a process consisting of 6 steps:
  1. Building a Relationship of Mutual Trust
  2. Opening the Meeting
  3. Identifying and Exploring Accomplishments and Concerns
  4. Developing an Improvement Plan
  5. Overcoming Defensiveness
  6. Evaluating and Rating Employee Performance


Target Audience
Managers, and anyone who conducts perfomance evaluations.

Product Type
Self-assessment and workshop

Proficienccy with each of the 6 steps in the Performance Appraisal Meeting Model

Building a Relationship of Mutual Trust
Opening the Meeting
Identifying and Exploring Accomplishments and Concerns
Developing an Improvement Plan
Overcoming Defensiveness
Evaluating and Rating Employee Performance

What to Order

Facilitator Set: Order one per trainer.
The comprehensive facilitator set includes everything trainers need to deliver The Performance Appraisal Skills Inventory, including background information, administrative guidelines, a step-by-step workshop outline, the 6-Step Performance Appraisal Meeting Model, alternative workshop designs, optional activities, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, and sample participant materials.

Self-Assessment: Order one per individual or participant.
The Performance Appraisal Skills Inventory print self-assessment includes the 18-item inventory with pressure-sensitive scoring, the 6-Step Performance Appraisal Meeting Model, profile chart and interpretive information, and action-planning worksheets.


With more than 30 years of experience in the field of workplace learning and performance, Ken Phillips is an expert in the performance management, learning evaluation, and sales performance arenas. He is a frequent university presenter and speaker at ASTD and SHRM conferences. He has authored many learning instruments including the Coaching Skills Inventory.



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