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Mars Surface Rover Game - Team


Develop Out-of-this-World Teamwork Skills

"Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.” The Mars Surface Rover – Team Version is an interactive training game that ideally demonstrates the truth of this quote via a two-part, hands-on team building exercise. Through a series of tasks, participants will be challenged first as individuals in a group, then as team working together, to construct a vehicle model. This experiential activity shows the importance of implementing a true team environment and how, through teamwork, each contributor can experience greater success.

Learning Outcomes:

The primary goals of this activity are for participants to:
  • gain a clear understanding of the distinction between a team and group
  • understand how their responsibilities are interdependent with those of their teammates,
  • realize the importance of continual communication within the team.
Theory & Development

In today’s workplace, we generously call any group of individuals with the slightest connection to each other a team. However, it takes more than simply referring to a group as a “team” to guarantee that they will function as one.

Originally created to teach leadership skills, HRDQ responded to numerous customer requests and created the Mars Surface Rover – Team Version. This two-part training activity allows participants to experience first-hand the differences in efficiency, performance, and results when groups of people actually work together as a team. This hands-on game will help foster a supportive environment that values interdependence, common goals, continuous interaction and diversity of skills.

Uses for the Product

Mars Surface Rover — Team Version includes enough materials to conduct a training session with up to 21 participants per session. Even though several teams can be trained simultaneously with the purchase of additional MSR materials, we strongly recommend limiting the number of individuals per team to 4–7, with 6 being the optimal choice.

How it Works

The Mars Surface Rover – Team Version is a two- part interactive game. In Part One of the training session, individual participants complete assigned tasks, without help from others, that contribute to the construction of the Mars Surface Rover. In Part Two, the participants work together to design and construct the Mars Surface Rover.

Allow approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours to complete the entire exercise. Once they’ve received their instructions, participants will complete Parts One and Two including data collection. The training facilitator will then lead the group through a series of debriefing questions intended to help each individual learn to apply teamwork principles in their workplace.

What to Order

Each Complete Game includes materials to simultaneously train 3 teams of 4-7 participants. All parts except for the Participant Guides are reusable. Participant Guides Refill 5-Packs and Extra Game Packs are also available for individual purchase.

For larger groups, order one Extra Team Game Pack for each additional team of 4–7 participants. Each Extra Team Game Pack includes: 1 Bag of reusable parts, batteries, 7 Participant Guides, Stopwatch, Calculator, Screen, 1 Set of 6 task sheets, 1 Set of blueprints


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