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Mars Surface Rover Game - Leadership


Cultivate Effective Leadership Skills

Leading an organization of empowered professionals requires a unique skill set. The Mars Surface Rover - Leadership Edition is an interactive training game ideal for teaching new or experienced leaders and managers how to develop a facilitative leadership style. This hands-on activity allows participants to see the damaging consequences of traditional and passive leadership styles and experience the benefits of facilitative leadership. This exercise is based upon six skills:
  • Communication
  • Thinking
  • Administration
  • Influence
  • Interpersonal
  • Change Management
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Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the benefits of facilitative leadership
  • Discover the drawbacks of traditional and passive styles of leadership
  • Recognize the balance between too much and too little authority
Theory & Development

Contemporary business book authors recognize the value of facilitative leadership and are calling for a workplace revolution that will result in employees at every level being given the opportunity to take control of their work. This shift makes sense, after all, today’s employees are better educated, more knowledgeable and possess better interpersonal skills than ever before. In light of these changes, a move from traditional to facilitative leadership, though gradual, is necessary. During this process, the group and the leader pass through four stages: Settling In, Opening Up, Participating & Reflecting and Transforming. The Mars Surface Rover provides an interactive training experience that allows participants to move through each of these stages to see how facilitative leadership works.

Uses for the Product

The Mars Surface Rover – Leadership Edition learning experience is designed for individuals who need to develop an effective leadership style. Ideal for:
  • New leaders who want to incorporate facilitative leadership into their developing style.
  • Traditional leaders who are being retrained to move toward a more facilitative style of leadership.
  • Managers who oversee teams.
How it Works

The Mars Surface Rover – Leadership Edition is a hands-on activity in which participants work in teams to build an operating model of a vehicle that can travel on Mars. One leader is selected for each team and is furnished with a bag of parts, a price sheet for calculating the cost of the vehicle, and role sheets that instruct him/her on how to behave during the activity. The only criteria for the success of this vehicle are its cost and the speed.

During this two-hour session, teams’ first manufacture, calculate the cost, and race their vehicles. Next, team members evaluate their leaders and leaders reveal their role assignments. Program facilitators lead participants in a detailed discussion about the different types of leadership. The activity wraps up with an individual action planning exercise.

What to Order

Each Complete Game includes materials to simultaneously train 3 teams of 4-7 participants. For larger groups, order one Extra Team Game Pack for each additional team of 4–7 participants. All parts except for the Participant Guides are reusable. Additional Participant Guides and Extra Game Packs are may be purchased separately and quantity discounts are available.


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